South Hams Executive approves principle of new office building at Steamer Quay Totnes.

Totnes view

With funding being cut to local governments it is becoming increasingly difficult for second tier District Authorities, like South Hams District Council, to provide funding and support for the local economy. This function is more often than not now driven forward now by the County Council.

However, every now and then a project comes along where everything falls into place and it becomes possible for the District Council to support a local business as it grown, invest in the local economy and support local job creation.

This is what is happening with a small plot of land and an expanding architects practice at Steamer Quay in Totnes.

South Hams Executive has now agreed to support the creation of a two storey office block on a brown field site in Totnes.  The development would provide approximately 240 sqm of office space and be designed to the specifications of the new tenant, with scope for the building to expand as the company grows.

Cllr John Tucker Leader of South Hams District Council Said: "I am really delighted to be supporting this project.  It is a win win situation, not only are we getting a new office building in Totnes, but it comes with a tenant who will pay us rent for a minimum of 10 year. What we are seeing is a local company wishing to invest in its future and in Totnes and I am delighted to also say that they will continue to provide secure highly skilled jobs in the area."