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  • Dogs on Leads

    Where you must have your dog on a lead.

  • Lost Dogs

    If you have lost your dog, report it to us immediately.

  • Stray Dogs

    What to do if you find a stray dog.

  • Dog Fouling

    If your dog fouls in a public area it is your responsibility to ensure the mess is picked up & properly disposed of.

  • Dog Exclusion Areas - Beaches

    There are a number of local beaches where dogs are not allowed in the summer.

  • Tougher Penalties for Irresponsible Dog Owners

    South Hams District Council is cracking down on dog owners who have their dogs off the lead in public areas, or who don't clean up after their dogs. Public Spac...

  • Dog Exclusion Areas (Except Beaches)

    There are certain areas throughout the district where it is not permitted to take dogs at any time.

  • Report It - Report a problem you may have found on our streets.

    Click here to report abandoned vehicles, damaged or full dog bins, damaged or full litter bins, damaged, full or dirty recycling banks, dead animals, dirty beac...

  • Anti-Social Behaviour Causing Headaches for Rugby Club

    Totnes Rugby Club and South Hams District Councillors are furious with a spate of persistent anti-social behaviour at Borough Park.

  • Someone Has Made a Noise Complaint About Me

    If you have received a complaint from your neighbour or a letter from us complaining that you are making too much noise then the advice below may help.