The historic Lower Ferry, which has been in operation across the Dart for around 320 years, offers a quick and convenient method of crossing the River Dart, and a memory of times gone by.

The service continues to retain competitive fares and offer a unique experience to daily customers and visitors alike, throughout the year.

The Harbourmaster has recently completed a thorough examination and review of the current ferry charges, and concluded that some small rises will be necessary in order to maintain the excellent service that the ferry provides.

Councillor Rufus Gilbert, Executive Portfolio Holder for Commercial Services, said: "Of course no one likes to see charges rise, and the Council doesn't particularly enjoy raising them, but in this instance we feel it's the right thing to do to protect this wonderful facility.

"The ferry probably began in response to local demand for horse drawn carts needing to get across the river, and as transport methods continue to develop it will need to be updated and maintained. Motorcycles now take up a great deal more room on the ferry than they used to, and more and more visitors to the area are bringing caravans and trailers. These travellers will see the biggest increase in their fares, but we still feel that they offer excellent value for money.

"Future-proofing a service which has been running since the 18th Century is quite a challenge. The Council is determined that this historic ferry will continue to run, and remain a much loved part of Dartmouth life for many years to come."

An adult foot passenger ticket will remain the same at £1.50, but the return fare will be withdrawn in line with other Ferry services across the Dart. Large vehicles which take up two car spaces will increase to £10 per journey, while motorcycles will increase by 80p to £3.00 per journey.

Regular users of the ferry will still be able to purchase multi-trip tickets, which offer the best value for money. For foot passengers these multi trip tickets work out at just 62p per journey, while cars and vans can cross for as little as £1.30 per journey. Multi trip tickets are available from the Ferry office or on board the ferry itself.