The Charitable Trust responsible for The Berry at Salcombe is to take part of the playing fields back into direct control and allow the facility to be used by any interested sports clubs in the area.

While the Charitable Trust continues to negotiate an ongoing lease with Salcombe Town Council for the rest of the Berry, the area currently used by Salcombe Rugby Club needs to revert to the Trust.

The land is owned in a charitable trust. The rules of the trust sadly mean that a lease cannot be granted to the Rugby Club, and as a result the Trustees have decided to take the facility back into direct control and allow it to be used on a book to play basis.

This would mean that while the Rugby club can continue to use the land as their practice ground, they no longer have to maintain it and other sports clubs from Salcombe can also use the pitch.

Cllr John Tucker, Acting Trustee and Leader of South Hams District Council, said: "The Trustees feel that this is a great opportunity for other sports clubs in Salcombe to use this facility, without the added difficulties of maintenance. We hope very much that the rugby club will continue to use the pitch as their practice ground and looking forward, we'd like to extend an invitation to any interested groups who might like to use the facility in the future to get in touch. We're keen to see the area benefit as many people as possible."

The pitch is likely to be available to other clubs from autumn onwards, and anyone interested in using the facility can get in touch by emailing