South Hams District Council officers joined the Tennis Club and members of the community, for the big 'switch on' that took place on 7 December.

For the past few years the courts at Kingsbridge Community Tennis Club have been used mostly during the day, with not many people showing interest in evening use. Things took a positive turn when a new community group stepped in and showed interest in getting more people playing tennis, especially in the evenings.

The group asked for the council's help to fix the floodlights, with the idea that it will take over ownership of the courts from the Council in the future. This agreement has received support from the Kingsbridge Town Council and the Lawn Tennis Association. The group has also been providing a community tennis programme since Easter and has made great progress in offering free coaching sessions for target groups.

Cllr Keith Wingate, Ward Member for Kingsbridge said: "As a council we really care about the wellbeing of our community. We are excited about the enthusiasm that the new community group has shown in having the floodlights fixed and getting more people to be active by playing tennis. We also encourage community empowerment and support the group's big step of taking over the ownership of the courts from the Council."

Lesley Healey, Project Organiser for Kingsbridge Community Tennis Club said: "The reinstating of our long dormant floodlighting is a really important move in what has been a wonderful first 9 months of operation. Now our project can be as vibrant and busy in the winter as it has been this summer. We couldn't have got so far so fast if it hadn't been for the support of South Hams"


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