Funds received from developers every year are called Section 106 money (s106), and are used to support communities where developments have taken place. They are often spent on things like parks, sporting facilities, affordable housing and other community infrastructure.

The Council have received an array of s106 funding applications this year, which shows just how much the programme is gaining momentum. Funds have been committed to projects like an all-weather pitch in Totnes, transforming a care home at the Butterwalk, upgrades to facilities in Yealmpton and Ivybridge, a complete overhaul of Loddiswell tennis courts, and improved equipment at Brixton pocket Play Park.

There are approximately £2 million of available s106 funds for eligible communities to apply for.

Cllr Simon Wright, Deputy Leader: "We are keen for local communities to understand how these contributions are collected, distributed and spent.

"While £2 million does sound like a lot of money, s106 contributions are constantly being added to the pot and then spent on improvements such as sports pitches, play parks and affordable homes. This is not a new pot of money, it's continually being collected and distributed across the district. Which means that the programme will continue to run for as long as there are funds in the pot.

What is new, is how we're striving to improve this process. Until now, what has been missing is a constant method of sharing the details of when money is collected and how it is spent, so the money can go to the local communities it is intended for.

Regarding the use for Affordable Housing, we will be consulting with town and parish councils and ward members on when contributions are due for payment from developers. We will also be asking local councils, members and neighbourhood planning groups to come forward with specific proposals for affordable housing initiatives.

If communities come forward with applications for affordable housing, we can really put this money to good use."

Application forms for s106 money can be found by using this link: