What do do if you find a fly tip

Please use our 'Report It' tool to report a fly tip in your area

A fly tip is anything that has been dumped in a place that is not a Licenced Waste Transfer Station (recycle centre) and may include:

  • Electrical goods
  • Furniture
  • Building waste
  • Household and/or commercial waste
  • Clinical and/or chemical waste


If you come across someone fly tipping or see a fly tip, please think about how you wish to act.

You can either leave the site and report the fly tip or, if you want to become involved in the investigation process, take note of:

  • Location of the fly tip incident ( with directions from the nearest B road)
  • The day, date and time you saw the incident
  • How many people were fly-tipping
  • What items were fly tipped
  • Take photographs of the items or note a description of what they looked like
  • What vehicles were used - Model, colour and registration
  • Did you see anything that could be traced back to the waste generator
  • If there are documents, delivery packages, etc., with names and addresses, please photograph in situ before removing from the fly tip
  • Take photographs of the documents/packaging in situ and in close up to show the names and addresses
  • Arrange for the evidence to be collected and delivered to the Council.


If you choose to remove evidence from a fly tip, you will be asked to sign a witness statement which you will need to be prepared to support in Court if the evidence is strong enough to proceed to prosecution.


We do not encourage you to look through fly tips as we have officers who are fully trained to do this.

Our Environmental Protection Team investigate all reports of fly tipping to try to identify those who are responsible.