If you have lost your dog, report it to us immediately.

Report your lost dog

If you have lost your dog, report it to us immediately as someone may have found it and reported it to us.

When you report your dog missing, we will need the following information

  • Accurate description of dog/colour/sex/distinguishing features
  • Is it friendly & approachable,nervous etc?
  • Did the dog have a collar (description)?
  • Was there correct information on the tag?
  • Was the dog micro chipped?
  • Where and when was the dog last seen?
  • What happens next?

  • If your dog has not been reported to us as found, we will keep it on our own "lost dog register"
  • You may wish to enter the details of your lost dog on The Dog Lost website, the National Database for lost and found dogs or The National Pet Register website
  • Charges will apply if a dog is taken to kennels, whether or not it has visible identification or microchip
  • It is also worthwhile contacting your local vet & rescue centre