I have found a stray dog

In the current situation and adhering to government guidance, we all need to try to avoid unnecessary contact and travel. As a result, we can no longer collect stray dogs.

If you find a stray dog, we advise that the first thing to do would be to advertise this on Facebook and other social media sites where possible and also use those specific websites dedicated to lost and found pets. We would ask you to keep hold of the dog for as long as you can, if at all possible, until the owner comes forward.

If you do not get a response to social media within a reasonable time, you can contact any local veterinary practice, who may be able to scan the dog and check the microchip details for you. They would then be able to contact the owner and reunite the dog with them. However this is no longer a priority service for them and many are only responding to emergencies.

Alternatively, if you are willing and able to transport the dog yourself, you can contact Blackdown Country Kennels and arrange to take the dog to them. Please call them first to let them know about your arrival.

Blackdown Country Kennels
Blackdown Farm Lane

01548 821040

Do I still need to report it to you?

We will still need to be made aware that you have found a dog, so please advise us of the following information using our Report It tool.

  • Your contact details - name, address, email address and phone number.
  • The date the dog was found
  • Location where dog was found
  • Breed and sex of dog
  • Description of dog
  • Description of collar and tag
  • What steps you have taken to find the owner