There are a number of local beaches where dogs are not allowed in the summer.

Why impose beach restrictions?

  • Beaches are wonderful places to exercise dogs, but during popular times unruly or free running dogs can be a nuisance to other beach users
  • There are many temptations for a dog on a busy beach
  • You must ensure that your dog is under close control at all times.

Where are restrictions in place?

For the safety & enjoyment of all beach users, some beaches & beach areas are closed to dogs during the summer (May 1st-Sept 30th)

Restrictions apply to the following:

No Dogs permitted

  • Salcombe - South Sands
  • Hope Cove - Mouthwell Sands
  • Challaborough
  • Wembury
  • No Dogs permitted on part of the beach (Partial ban)
  • Bigbury 
  • Bantham

The following privately owned beaches also adopt a seasonal NO DOGS policy:

  • Blackpool Sands (from 2 weeks before Easter until after the October half term)
  • Mothecombe

Most other beaches welcome well-controlled dogs.

Remember; if your dog fouls a beach the mess must be picked up at all times and properly disposed of.