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Dog Exclusion Areas - Beaches

Why impose beach restrictions?

  • Beaches are wonderful places to exercise dogs, but during popular times unruly or free running dogs can be a nuisance to other beach users.
  • There are many temptations for a dog on a busy beach.
  • You must ensure that your dog is under close control at all times.

Where are restrictions in place?

It is an offence if a person in charge of a dog takes the dog onto, or permits the dog to enter or to remain, on any beach to which this Order applies.

Land to which this article applies includes all beaches including the seashore, foreshore and any slope or staircase leading on to the beaches at the locations noted below: 

Salcombe South Sands

Mouthwell Sands


Click on the maps to view a large version.

Exemptions to the Order:

The following are exempt from the Public Space Protection Order:

  • A person registered as blind in a register compiled under section 29 of the National Assistance Act 1948;
  • A person who is deaf and who relies on a dog trained to be a Hearing Dog for the deaf;
  • A person with a disability which affects their mobility, manual dexterity, physical coordination or ability to lift or who relies on an assistance dog trained by a prescribed charity.

What about Privately Owned Beaches?

For more information about other beaches in the South Hams, and their policies on dogs, please visit the South Devon AONB website.

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