A Joint Planning Local Validation List has been produced which tells people submitting planning applications what supporting information will be needed, and gives advice on the scope and detail that is needed.

This list and its associated documents form the basis on which planning applications are deemed valid by South Hams District Council and West Devon Borough Council. 

The level of information needs to be proportionate to the size and type of application and the local list requires only information that is necessary to the consideration of the application in accordance with paragraph 193 of the NPPF and the guidance contained within the Planning Practice Guidance.

The information required to make a valid application consists of:

• the mandatory national information requirements specified in The Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) (Amendment) Order 2015 and the National Information  Requirements as set out in the Planning Practice Guidance Paragraph: 022 Reference ID: 14-022-20140306

• the information provided on the national standard application form

• the information specified by the local planning authority in their local validation list of information requirements.

The Local List sets out the information requirements for different types of applications within West Devon and South Hams. The Local List validation criteria include:

• When/why information is needed;

• What sort of information is required; and

• Where to get further guidance.

The Local Lists and their associated documents and information can be found using the links below:

Icon for pdf All Local Validation checklists [4.79MB]

Use the links below to the individual checklist pages

Full Planning application validation checklist

Outline application validation checklist

Reserved Matters validation checklist

Householder application validation checklist

Material Amendment (Section 73 - removal or variation of a condition) validation checklist

Non Material Amendment (Section 96) validation checklist

Listed Building Consent validation checklist

Prior Notification - Prior Approval Applications validation checklist

Lawful Development Certificates Existing and Proposed (Section 191 and 192) Applications

Advertisement Consent validation checklists

Checklists for Applications for works to trees and hedgerows

Hedgerow Removal Applications validation checklist

Tree works (works to Trees in a Conservation Area or with a Tree Preservation Order)