'Our Plan' is the single strategic plan that sets out the vision, objectives and activities of the Council. It is the story of what the Council wants to achieve.

Our Vision

Following widespread public consultation, the Council has a vision of...

Supporting Vibrant Towns and Villages and enhancing the quality of life for individuals and communities whilst conserving the natural environment.

Our Plan

What is 'Our Plan'?

Our Plan will be an overarching strategic plan for the whole district up to 2031.  It will cover a wide range of topics, from issues such as community wellbeing, energy needs and landscape protection through to employment growth, housing and infrastructure. 

Our Plan will be supported by an annual action plan and will also help us to commission services in a more effective way. The plan will be informed by local evidence, community engagement and through working with our partner organisations.

What's next?

There will be a timetable and action plan coming soon. Keep an eye out for our next newsletter.

Local Plan

In the past, the Council's Local Plan, which sets out where development will take place, what areas should be protected, and how the area will change through to 2034, was part of 'Our Plan', the Council's overarching strategic plan.

South Hams District Council has now joined with West Devon Borough Council and Plymouth City Council to create a Joint Local Plan.