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Public Participation at Licensing Committee Meetings

If you would like to speak in support of or objection to a licensing application at the Council's Licensing Committee meetings, please follow this procedure.

The majority of applications are determined by officers in accordance with the Council's Delegation Scheme.

For those applications that are presented to either the Licensing Committee or a Sub Committee, there is an opportunity for the applicants to take part during that meeting. Any representatives who have submitted letters of support and/or objection in advance of the meeting amy also take part.

The procedure during Licensing meetings is as follows:-

  1. Chairman's introduction
  2. Licensing Officer presents his/her report
  3. Address by applicants and/or supporters (if any)
  4. Address by objector(s) (if any)
  5. Committee deliberations and opportunity to ask questions of applicants/supporters/objectors
  6. Committee adjourn with Legal Officer to consider the application
  7. Committee reconvene and formally announce its decision.
  8. For more detailed information, please contact either Member Services or the Licensing Department

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