Ward Councillor for Dartmouth and East Dart and Vice Chairman of Council

Cllr R Rowe

I was elected to The District Council in May 1995 at which time to represent the Parish of Stoke Gabriel. We have had two boundary reviews during that time and now I represent a three member ward of Dartmouth and East Dart which covers Townstal, Dartmouth, Kingswear, Hillhead and Stoke Gabriel.

I am married to Tony and we have lived in Stoke Gabriel for over 30 years. I have spent most of my working life involved in Rural Affairs and Tourism and the environment in which we live and work.

I have served on most committees of the Council & been Council Chairman twice in 1999/2000 & 2012/13. I am at present Vice Chairman. I believe that our objective should be to make the South Hams a better place in which to live and work and I will strive to help make this possible.

My hobbies include gardening and cookery. I am an active member of our local W.I.and help out with various activities within the village community.


Name:Councillor Rosemary Rowe
Job Title:District Councillor
Vicarage Road
Stoke Gabriel
United Kingdom


Councillor Postion:

01803 782222

Vice Chairman of Council

Political Party: Conservative
Ward:Dartmouth and East Dart
Parishes:Dartmouth, Kingswear and Stoke Gabriel
Committees:Council, Development Management Committee, Licensing Committee