Ward Councillor for Salcombe and Thurlestone and Leader of Council 2019-2023

Cllr Judy Pearce

In May 2019 I was re-elected to the Salcombe and Thurlestone Ward, having previously represented the Salcombe and Malborough Ward, which included South Huish parish.

My mother was brought up in Paignton and we often used to take holidays both there and in Salcombe. Once married, we always came to Thurlestone.

I spent most of my life in Worcestershire, where our two sons grew up, but they both found work in London and were unlikely to return there. I was a district councillor there for thirteen years before moving here, which is why I seized the opportunity when a by-election arose shortly after I moved to Thurlestone.

My particular interests are housing and planning. I realise the huge problems many local families encounter in the ward due to local house prices and am always happy to try to advise on housing options.

I don't hold surgeries because if you need me, you are likely to need me immediately, not when the next surgery is, so please ring or email me.

Name:Councillor Judy Pearce
Address:7 Whimbrels Edge
United Kingdom
Tel:01548 561370
Councillor Position:Leader of the Council
Political Party: Conservative
Ward:Salcombe and Thurlestone
Parishes:Malborough, Salcombe, South Huish, South Milton, Thurlestone and West Alvington
Outside Bodies:Devon County Locality Committee; Devon Districts Forum; Heart of the South West Devolution Joint Committee; LGA District Council Network; LGA General Assembly; LGA South West Branch; LGA Rural Commission; LGA Committee Panel; South West Councils
Declaration of Interests Summary:

Employment: None

Sponsorship: None

Securities: None

Contracts: None

Land/Licences: 7 Whimbrels Edge, Thurlstone

Corporate Tenancies: None

Membership of Other Groups: The Conservative Party

Other Matters: None

Training & Development from May 2019:

May 2019 - Induction Training: (NB - Re-Elected Members are NOT required to attend the Induction programme)

  • Setting the Scene
  • Governance - Introduction to the role of the Executive, O+S Panel, DM Committee, Licensing Committee, Audit Committee and Salcombe Harbour Board,
  • The Planning Process (Part 1), The Planning Process (Part 2)
  • Media Skills (to include Social Media)
  • Council Procedure Rules
  • The Locality Service
  • DM Committee Mock Meeting
  • Audit Committee Workshop
  • Chairing Skills
  • District Tour
  • Various IT Training
September 2019

Medium Term Financial Strategy Training

Climate Change Workshop

October 2019



November 2019


December 2019

January 2020

March 2020


Audit Viewpoint Training

Standards & Governance

Community Infrastructure Levy Training

Budget Workshop

Webcasting Training

Development Management Service Session

Gypsy and Traveller Session

Treasury Management Training

Health and Wellbeing Session