Ward Councillor for Allington and Strete and Vice Chairman of Council 2019-20

Cllr Richard Foss

Name:Councillor Richard Foss
Job Title:District Councillor
Address:Down Farm
United Kingdom
Tel:01548 511234
Mobile: 07929 303105
Councillor Position:Deputy Chairman of Council 2019-20
Political Party: Conservative
Ward:Allington and Strete
Parishes:Buckland-Tout-Saints, Charleton, East Allington, Frogmore and Sherford, Slapton and Strete
Committees:Development Management Committee; Licensing Committee; Salcombe Harbour Board
Outside Bodies:SPARSE Rural and Rural Services Network
Declaration of Interests Summary:

Employment: Farmer/ Holiday Accommodation

Sponsorship: None

Securities: None

Contracts: Private Water Supply Testing

Land/Licences: Down Farm, Stokenham; Butterworth Barn, Modbury

Corporate Tenancies: None

Membership of Other Groups: Kingsbridge Estuary Rotary Club; Conservative Party

Other Matters: None

Training & Development from May 2019:

May 2019 - Induction Training: (NB - Re-elected Members are NOT required to attend the Induction programme)

  • How the Council Works including Code of Conduct
  • The Planning Process (Part 2)
  • DM Committee Mock Meeting
September 2019Harbour Governance Training