If you are a homeowner, landlord or own an empty property, we may be able to help you with the cost of repairs to your property.

Low cost loans are available through  Wessex Resolutions CIC to enable you to:

  • Undertake essential home repairs (such as installing or upgrading heating systems, roof and structural repairs, replacing old and inefficient windows and doors, electrical and plumbing repairs or any other issues that are essential to keeping you warm, safe and dry in your home).
  • Repair/refurbish empty properties to enable you to sell or rent the property.

Please see the short video below.

How is the loan provided?

We work in partnership with Wessex Resolutions CIC to give financial help in the form of subsidised loans to homeowners and landlords.

Loans are assessed based on individual needs and means and there are many options depending on your own financial circumstances.  Please speak to  Wessex Resolutions  directly for more detailed advice.

Wessex Resolutions is a 'not for profit' organisation working in partnership with 20 councils across the South West to provide loan schemes.

They assess applicants' financial circumstances and the amount and type of loan available depends on this assessment.  The adviser will arrange a no-obligation home visit to tell you more about the partnership and complete a thorough financial assessment. 

How do I get further information or apply?

You can contact Wessex Resolutions directly on 01823 461099, email enquiries@wrcic.org.uk or visit their website.

What happens next?

An adviser from Wessex Resolutions will arrange to meet you and if your situation and the works are eligible, they will ask for approval from the Council.  If the application is approved then you will be able to organise the works/repairs. 

You are free to choose your own contractor.  The money will be released when the invoices are submitted.