Why is planting and caring for trees important?

Trees bring many benefits to people and their environment; this includes supporting wildlife, greening our streets and amenity spaces, producing timber and giving shelter and shade. Importantly trees also clean the air, filter water, keep soils healthy and absorb carbon emissions.

Existing and newly planted trees need appropriate care and maintenance. Opportunities should also be found to plant new trees.

South Hams Tree Policy

South Hams is committed to caring for and planting new trees on its land. The policy and approach that the council will take is set out in our adopted Icon for pdf Trees on Council Land - Policy [24.89KB].

Planting Trees - Advice and Contacts

New Tree planting needs to be carefully thought out. It is important to plant the right tree in the right place so that it can grow to maturity without requiring tree surgery or causing problems for neighbours. Advice on the selection, planting and aftercare of trees can be found at:

Royal Horticultural Society

The Arboricultural Association

Woodland Trust

If you require further information on planting trees, particularly woodlands, you can contact the Tree Council. Details for forestry and planting advice can also be found from the Institute of Chartered Foresters 

Felling Trees or Undertaking Tree Surgery - Advice and Contacts

A healthy tree growing in plenty of space does not automatically need maintenance or tree surgery. However, trees that have health or structural problems, or are potentially a danger or nuisance to neighbours or those nearby, may need appropriate tree surgery, and in the worse case, removal by felling.

Deciding what management is appropriate requires expert assessment. If you are concerned about a tree then details on how to obtain an appropriate tree assessment can be found from the The Arboricultural Association.

Planting A Memorial Tree on Council Land

South Hams District Council has sites available where trees can be planted. There is a charge of £250. For further information please download our Icon for pdf Commemorative Tree application form [736.04KB].