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Material Minor Amendment to a Planning Permission

Minor Material Amendment or variation of a condition Section 73 of the Town and Country Planning Act. following a Grant of Planning Permission

Recent planning decision notices include a condition requiring the works to be carried out in accordance with the approved plans.  In some instances, it is possible to amend this condition, in order to substitute an amended plan.  Where this is the case, you can apply for a minor material amendment when:

  • the character and description of the amended scheme remains the same, and;
  • the development is one whose scale and nature results in a development which is not substantially different from the one which has been approved,

You can also seek to remove or vary a condition attached to your permission.  This may be when you consider the condition no longer applies or when you wish to seek extend the time limit imposed on the commencement of development for unimplemented extant permissions granted on or before 1 October 2010. A statement setting out the reasons why the condition should be removed or varied should accompany the application.

Procedure for applying

Detailed revised plans and elevations should be submitted setting out the proposed amendments. Applications must be made on the correct form. Applications must be accompanied by the required fee of £195 (correct as at July 2017).

The submitted details will be checked on receipt.  We will contact you in writing for any additional clarification, if required.

Where an amendment is considered to be a 'material amendment' a complete new planning application is required.

Further Information

If you are unsure which type of amendment you require, the local planning authority will be happy to advise you on the appropriate type of application, our Duty Planner Service may help you.   If you have details and plans of what the amendment you require is, this will assist us in determining the correct type of application.

Further detailed guidance is available from

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