Blue and clear sacks are collected fortnightly along with your brown bin.

Do not place tissues, kitchen towel or cleaning wipes/cloths in your recycling

Tissues, kitchen towel and cleaning wipes or clothes are not recyclable and should be placed in your grey bin.

Your recycling will not be collected if it contains these items.

What goes in your blue sack?

Blue sack collections

What goes in your clear sack?

Clear sack collections

  • You can take other plastics, such as trays, yoghurt pots and plastic bags to your local recycling centre. Please see find your nearest recycling bank.

  • Remember, your sacks and bins must be at the boundary of your property by 7am on collection day.

  • Recycling sacks are to be used for recycling only. Excessive requests or mis-use of recycling sacks are closely monitored and will be challenged.