Have your say on the draft revised Planning Local Validation List.

A draft revised Planning Local Validation List has been produced which tells people submitting planning applications what supporting information will be needed, and gives advice on the scope and detail that is needed.

These draft local validation documents have been produced to update and improve the earlier Local Validation List 2014.  They aim to guide customers of West Devon Borough and South Hams District Councils when submitting applications for planning permission or other similar consents.

Have your say and the consultation process.

The planning authority must consult on a draft local list and then formally publish the document having taken any representations into consideration.

Previously, the Local Planning Authority had a single document which contained advice about information requirements for all the different types of planning application.  The revised approach tries to simplify and reduce the size of the documents, and make them more easy to use.  Updated technical detail and reference material has also been included.

Where and when to send your response to the consultation

Responses should be emailed to: dm@swdevon.gov.uk - please include "SH & WD Local Planning Validation List Consultation Response" in the subject field.

The consultation will run for 8 weeks from Tuesday 14th November 2017 - Tuesday 9th January 2018 5pm - any comments must be received by this date.

After the consultation period, we will consider all the comments received and amend the Local List as appropriate. When adopted, the revised Local Validation List will supersede the 2014 version and will be due to be revised again in 2 years, in line with the requirements of paragraph 11(3)(d) of the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015.

When adopted, it  will form the basis on which planning applications are deemed valid by South Hams District Council and West Devon Borough Council.

Comments are invited on the following:

The lists for each application type

The Icon for pdf Other Supporting Information, Glossary and Resources [1.24MB] document

The drainage guidance documents:

The Icon for pdf 'Matrix for LVIA [13.81KB]

The draft validation list documents

The draft validation lists can be found in the 'Downloads' section to the right of this web page.

We have created a validation list for each application type. 

Each list sets out the basic information that will always be required with an application, and provides a list of other supporting information that may also be needed. 

The Icon for pdf 'Other Supporting Information, Glossary and Resources' [1.24MB] document then identifies the triggers which indicate that a piece of supporting information is needed.

Applicants should complete the appropriate validation list and submit it with their application as a quick reference sheet to identify the information that has been provided.  Submission of the list is not a validation requirement in itself, but the lists will be used by staff to validate applications so it is beneficial to provide your completed version.

Please Note:  In order to reduce the size of the lists and the guidance document, some of the downloads contain links to further information and guidance.  We may find an alternative display solution for the final versions that are later adopted.

The consultation process

 A copy must be made available on the authority's website and the list must then be reviewed every two years.