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Commenting on a Planning Application

Members of the public have the right to comment on most types of planning applications. Comments should be made during the consultation period, however should the decision process allow, they may be accepted after the consultation period has ended. To find out when the consultation process ends or more about the application use the "Quick Planning Search" if you know the application number or "Search and Track Planning Applications" if you don't know the number.

What can I comment on?

As a rule, comments should:

  • Be a material planning consideration for the application
  • Support the application or;
  • Object to the application

Examples of a material planning consideration could be:

  • Overlooking or loss of privacy issues
  • Design/effect on the appearance of the development on an area
  • Access, parking, traffic and road safety concerns
  • Trees and the effect of the development on them
  • Noise/disturbance caused by the development once it is completed
  • If the development would increase a Flood risk
  • Policy/economic benefits

Comments will be taken into account by the Case Officer when determining an application.

What can't I comment on?

Comments that are not material planning considerations will not be taken into account.

Examples of what is not considered a material planning consideration could be:

  • Loss of value to your property
  • Loss of a view
  • Boundary and neighbour disputes
  • Impact on private drainage systems
  • Inappropriate or personal comments
  • Breach of covenant

How do I comment on a planning application?

If you wish to comment on an application you should do so in writing by:

  • Online, you can use the 'Quick Planning Search' tool on the right-hand side of this page if you know the application number. If you don't know the planning application number, please use our Search &  Track Planning Applications feature, the link is on the right-hand side of this page
  • By writing to, or e-mailing the Council using the contact details on this page

What else should I know?

Comments submitted to the Council cannot be treated as confidential and will be made available for public inspection.

This Council is committed to encouraging diversity. We therefore reserve the right to edit before publication, or not to publish at all, any responses to consultation on planning applications which contain material that could be perceived by others to contain material that is offensive, prejudiced, racist, or otherwise contrary to the principles of equality.

If you choose to comment in writing or by e-mail it is also important that you:

  • Clearly indicate the reference number of the planning application in question
  • Provide your name and address (anonymous letters will not be accepted)
  • Make it clear whether you are writing in objection or support
  • We will not send acknowledgements or keep you informed of the progress of an application if you have signed a petition or a standardised letter.
  • Comments received are usually available to view online within 3 working days of their receipt.

Please note that your name, address and comments will be available to the public on the Council's website. Your comments will be a public document and a hard copy will be available for viewing on the planning file. Comments received are usually available to view online within 3 working days of their receipt.

Any e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and signatures will be removed before publication onto our website.

Remember, whilst we endeavour to consider all comments received up to the date of decision we cannot guarantee that comments received after the public consultation period will be considered.