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Sherford New Community

The new community planned at Sherford is a key proposal of the Development Plan for the South Hams. When completed, the development will have provided 5,500 new homes and 83,000 square metres of employment space on the outskirts of Plymouth in the form of a sustainable mixed use settlement.

The facilities being delivered to meet the needs of the new community include schools, health centres, a 200 hectare community park, playing fields, a sports centre and a Park and Ride.

The current status of the Sherford New Community Proposal

South Hams District Council and Plymouth City Council formally granted outline planning permission for the development proposals on the 12th November 2013.  The permissions are also subject to a comprehensive set of legal obligations, known as a S106 agreement, which sets out the requirements expected of the developers as the site is developed.  The permissions were granted following several years of community and stakeholder consultation and technical analysis of the developers application. 

View details of the development proposals, the outline permission and S106 documents

The developers will need to fulfil a series of conditions before construction work starts.  This will include Reserved Matters applications that set out the detailed design elements of the development.  The implementation of the development is being managed by a new shared service team working across South Hams, Plymouth and Devon Councils. 

In May 2013 the Government announced a £32 million package to kick start the development. Construction is expected to begin by the spring of 2015. The construction process is likely to take approximately 20 years to complete.

Further updates on the development of Sherford will be available on this page.