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Online Payments/Online Shopping

Making an online payment or buying goods is quick, easy AND secure.

What can I buy online?

Currently, you can purchase the following items from the council online:

Compostable kitchen caddy or wheeled bin liners

We can accept online payments for the following: 

  • Council Tax
  • Business Rates - NNDR
  • Parking Fines (reference codes beginning MH only)
  • Sundry Debtor Invoices  
  • Rent payments for temporary accommodation, including bed & breakfast
  • Housing Benefit Overpayments/Invoices
  • Salcombe Harbour Invoices
  • Private Water Supply Testing (use Debtors/Invoices link below)

Please have your reference/invoice number handy when using this service and select the appropriate link below.

Reference TypeFormatExample
Council Tax8 characters long and begins with 55123456X or 51234567
Business Rates NNDR8 characters long and begins with 99123456X or 91234567
Parking Finesbegins with the letters IV or MH, followed by 8 numbersMH12345678
Sundry Debtors/Invoices (including Trade Waste)8 characters long beginning with 221234567
Rent, including B&B7 characters long beginning with 11123456
Housing Benefit Overpayments8 characters long beginning with 881234567
Salcombe Harbour Invoice7 characters long beginning with 11123456

When using the online payment engine, please note:

  • Amount: Please ensure you enter the amount with 2 numbers after the decimal point. for example - a payment of twenty five pounds should be entered as 25.00
  • Name and Address: Please enter sufficient detail for us to identify your and your payment. this is especially important if you are purchasing an item for delivery 
  • Credit Card: Payments made by Credit Card for Council Tax & Business Rates will incur an additional 1.5% surcharge.
  • Debit Card: Payments made by Debit Card are free of additional charges
  • Salcombe Harbour: By making a payment to Salcombe Harbour you are confirming that you have and will maintain a minimum of £3,000,000 third party liability insurance cover for all boats in your ownership for the duration of this facility.

Is it safe to pay us online?

Yes, it is safe to make payments over the Internet. The information that you send us is encrypted, meaning nobody else can read it as it travels across the Internet.

If you need any advice on using the on-line payment system please call our Customer Services Team.