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Fly Tipping & Littering

We are determined to keep the South Hams a green and pleasant area to live in and to visit. Fly Tipping is unsightly, unhygienic often dangerous - and it is also illegal.

Fly Tipping on Public land

We will investigate and clear fly tipped waste on public land or the highway.

Fly Tipping on Private land

We will investigate incidents of fly tipping on private land but clearance will generally be the responsibility of the land owner.

How to report Fly Tipping

To report incidents of Fly Tipping on public or private land please call or email customer services

If you wish to provide confidential information about Fly Tipping or persons you suspect are disposing of waste illegally, please call our confidential 24 hour answer phone on 01803 861352 or email us.

Disposal of bulky household waste

If you have bulky household waste to dispose of such as white goods or furniture, this can be arranged by contacting customer services on 01803 861234.  For more information go to our Bulky Waste Collection page . There will be a nominal charge for this service.

If you employ the services of a private waste collector you must take reasonable steps to ensure they are registered with the Environment Agency as waste carriers. Any bona fide waste carrier will show you a certificate or authorisation card proving they are a registered carrier. 

You are advised to obtain a receipt and make a note of the registration number of the vehicle taking your waste.

Remember, if you transfer waste to an unauthorised waste carrier and the waste is then fly tipped you may then be liable to prosecution.